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  • Programmplanung nach FSK Richtlinien
  • Service- und Infokanäle
  • Kabel BW Videothek im Info- und Promotionchannel
  • Service- und Infokanäle
  • Info- und Promotionchannel Kabel BW
  • Service- und Infokanäle
  • Info- und Servicekanal NetCologne
  • Individuell gestaltbare Elemente für maximale Flexibilität

From info to service channel

Individual – local – informative


Our 24/7 service and info channels solution enables us to give network providers the opportunity to inform their customers via TV about offers, package structures and innovations on their own cable network and to advertise their products. Even housing industries can benefit from this by using the info channel as a wide-coverage platform for marketing activities and additional information.

We supplement our customers' infotainment offerings with local content, creating real added value for the viewer. Tell your customers about what's happening on their doorstep — depending on your needs, you will receive daily updates on weather forecasts, traffic jam information and much more. All services are automatically entered into the programme plan via interfaces programmed in house, meaning there is no additional need to handle data.

Depending on your budget and on what you require, we will show you what options are available for developing your own info channel — whether its standardised boards, automated advertising clips or productions in the green box for exclusive content, the pooled expertise of our partner network enables us to solve any issue.

The service and info channel provides you with an efficient tool that advertises your entire product range emotively, in proximity to your target groups and with a high-quality moving image.

Service makes the difference

We will support you from the very idea right through to day-to-day business:

  • Tailored design of your info channel
  • Coordination and project management – one contact for everything
  • Assistance with clarifying issues concerning media law
  • Reliable provision of content thanks to existing contacts: constantly updated trailer library
  • Technical advice and 24/7 monitoring
  • Editing, TV production, post production
  • Programme planning
  • Analysis and reporting