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Fast – reliable – straightforward

You don't have to take care of everything. Regardless of whether it's for day-to-day business or special occasions, we consider ourselves a reliable provider for your operational marketing needs. We will ensure that no broadcaster or logo relaunch is missed so that you only ever use the latest material.

We will give you tomorrow's broadcasting material for your campaigns from a single source, and, if required, will also help you choose the appropriate themes for your layout. A regularly updated trailer library facilitates the multimedia advertising of your TV products on the web. Whether it's the moving image of the TV broadcasters from the reel or exclusive productions for your trade fair attendance: together with our partners, we will find a solution for every task.

Play safe

Let us take care of obtaining approval for your images. Within the shortest period of time, we will clarify the copyrights and usage periods of the images for you and obtain the broadcasters' approval for your compositions – unbureaucratic and efficient.

A picture says more than 1000 words

High quality – efficient – versatile


If you would like to choose freely from the high-quality images of your TV broadcaster, our image database will help you to research and select from exclusive images for use in print and online media. Numerous additional functions are also available to make research easier for you: from printable contact sheets to individual folders, and a function to search by highlight titles to watermarks for protection against expired licensing periods.

Use our tool to find the most suitable images and give your marketing message a face with suitable highlight images or pictures from your broadcaster.