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Finding your way in the broadcaster jungle

Established – up to date – comprehensive

With over 450 entries, our basic system offers our customers guidance in the world of TV and radio. All of the broadcasters available in your network are displayed with a description text, the current broadcaster logo in printable quality and an image. For target group-specific marketing, you will also receive translations of the description of international broadcasters in the relevant local language if required. We will also provide you with additional information such as language, genre and target group — also via XML interface programming on your website if required — so that your end customers can benefit as well.

Broadcaster details at a glance

  • Broadcaster logo as JPG file and vector graphic
  • Description text
  • Imagebild
  • Website
  • Language
  • Broadcast times
  • Genre
  • Packet assembly
  • Further information is available on request.